Hash Browns vs. Home Fries: Which Breakfast Potato Reigns Supreme

You might’ve thought Monopoly always ended in a family fight, well the potato is one veggie troublemaker with friends and family. Who knew a potato could be so controversial, but the debate continues as some argue for morning hash browns over home fries and vice versa.

Apparently, the way you chop, slice, dice, or grate a potato matters greatly. And it does. The fork-to-mouth experience depends on it. When it comes to hash browns or home fries, breakfast eaters tend to immediately take sides and feel strongly about their chosen breakfast potato preference. So, what is the big deal?

Ultimate satisfaction!

There’s nothing worse than having a sub-par eating experience when you’re hungry (maybe even starving) and paying and hoping not to be disappointed. Breakfast time is especially important to get right as it sets the pace for the rest of your day. The type of breakfast potato you eat could kick off your day in high spirits or send you down a spiral of (edible) non-edible frustration.

Let’s highlight the best of both potatoes and you can decide what you think is best.

Hot and Crispy Hash Browns

Native to the United Kingdom, hash browns are a popular American breakfast side item found on most menus across the country. What makes them special is how they are prepared. Potatoes are finely grated into a pile-high stack that is then transferred to a hot pan with oil to fry it up crispy style.

Hash browns are seldom found on a lunch or dinner menu, making them traditionally associated with breakfast dishes. They’re yummy with sausage links, patties, eggs, bacon, and salsa – just to name a few.

Crispy and Fluffy Home Fries

Home Fries are served up hot and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. How do they get this way? Potatoes are first parboiled to break them down on the inside and then sliced and fried up in oil. They usually come served up wedged or cubed making them fatter than your regular fries. The biggest distinction they have from hash browns is the fluffy middle.

Let the Yum Times Roll

Everyone has their preference, but it’s usually one of those things that you have a knee-jerk response to right away. You know exactly what you like. You either love hash browns or you hate them and vice versa. Finely grated and crisped hash browns or crispy outside and fat, fluffy home fries? You probably had an instant opinion just reading the title of this. Plus, there’s no convincing you through words any different. It’s all in the taste and Chompie’s makes that happen.

You don’t have to be disappointed when you’re visiting Chompie’s. There’s enough variety in potato chop and slice options to keep the good times rolling. Even the pickiest eater can find an amazing dish and they’ll be coming back again and again. At Chompie’s we convert first-time visitors into regulars like nobody’s business.

Enjoy Hash Browns or Home Fries at Chompie’s Restaurants

Chompies can serve up potatoes any way you want them and keep everyone happy and satisfied. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1979 and we’re proud to be the breakfast choice for countless hungry Arizonans. We are known for our New York style menu serving classic deli items like bagels, mile-high sandwiches, salads, and colossal Reubens.  We are proud of our long history of service and look forward to creating experiences you will not forget.

Visit one of our locations today for a knockout breakfast plate or any other amazing dish or drink we offer. No matter what team you’re on for hash browns or home fries, we have something for everyone that won’t disappoint!