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Why Online Food Ordering is Better Directly From the Restaurant

Online food ordering boomed through the use of third-party delivery service apps in 2020. There’s no question how valuable it became in recent years. However, ordering directly from your favorite restaurant is highly encouraged by those owners trying to survive past the impact of the pandemic. 

It may very well be the best way to show your loyalty and support. 

Online Food Ordering and its Dramatic Rise

For many people throughout the pandemic, dinner plans usually consisted of looking up their favorite foods on their mobile devices and ordering through a food delivery app. Local restaurants made it easy to continue ordering from them by offering delivery services on popular delivery apps such as Uber Eats and DoorDash. You’d place your order, track it on your app and pick it up at your doorstep.

However, when restaurants use delivery service apps, they usually have to pay a high commission cost. Restaurant owners often encouraged people to order directly from their restaurants to avoid these high costs. Therefore, we have seen an increase in restaurants promoting and pushing for direct ordering through their website instead of third-party delivery service apps. 

Surviving and Thriving is a Real Struggle in the Food Business

Traditionally speaking, restaurants have a tough enough time surviving in a highly competitive market. Double this challenge with fast-approaching trends toward online food ordering and you have a real mountain to climb as a restaurant owner. 

In order to succeed, restaurants are implementing online food ordering options as a part of their regular service options. The tech trends in the food industry were already moving and operating in this area, but the pandemic accelerated the use of online food ordering. Restaurants quickly realized just how crucial online ordering and touch-free delivery options were to the public they served. 

Eat Local and Support Local

To truly show support for your favorite local restaurants, cafes, bakeries, coffee shops, etc., the best thing you can do is order directly from the restaurant itself. You can order on the restaurant’s website, the app, or by calling to place an order. But whatever you do, avoiding third-party delivery options is a nice gesture to the establishment. 

We’ve seen door delivery more than double, as well as many restaurants closing their doors for good due to their inability to survive the lockdowns and strict requirements of limited seating capacity.

Unfortunately, many people are completely unaware of the high fees their favorite restaurants have to pay in order to use these popular marketplace apps. The restaurants are often hit with a 20% to 30% commission fee that nearly consumes the entire profit for that transaction.

Protect your Personal Information

Another reason consumers are encouraged to only make their food orders directly through the restaurant’s website or via phone call is to protect their personal information.

Sadly, entering your personal data into these third-party platforms enables them to use your personal information and possibly sell it or use it for other marketing purposes.

Human to Human Interaction and Support

Restaurants are known for having regulars and customers they get to know because of their frequent visits and interactions. Having human-to-human connection and interaction is so much more valuable in these recent years, having experienced so much isolation and shutdowns. Showing your support and love for these local eateries means more to these restaurants than you may realize.

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