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Chompie's Restaurant Reviews

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Lunch was great yesterday! The Matzo Ball Soup was outstanding like it normally is. I had Matzo Ball Soup at many other places, but no one makes it as good as Chompies!

Adam B. ,Tempe AZ (Via Yelp)

First time there. Read the reviews and man is this place great. Wife and I had the sliders. To die for. Then she got the monte Cristo. I had the pastrami burger. Both were amazing. Everything I saw coming by or near us looked delicious. Highly recommend.

Jason C. Youngstown, AZ (Via Yelp)

I'm from Vegas. I saw an episode of Man V. Food about Chompie's, and after I saw the episode, I thought, I MUST GO!!! And I did! Travel time was about six hours or so. (Traffic, bathroom stops, etc...) What I ordered: Pastrami Mile high sandwich, extra cole slaw, The father ordered the beef brisket, corned beef sliders... O M G is all I have to say. I didn't have desert because it was closing time, I took a lot of pics though. Our server was SUPER nice and helpful. The people in Arizona are a little nicer than the people in Vegas. I will make a special trip to Chompie's again without a doubt.

                             Maddi H., Las Vegas, NV (Via Yelp)

The Pastrami Sandwich is top notch along with the Onion Roll and then throw on a splash of deli mustard and it will rival any New York Deli.

Duane O., Scottsdale, AZ (Via Yelp)

It's sort of like a New York deli landed in Scottsdale! Pastrami and chopped liver to die for. Try the Israeli salad. Try it all! However, the menu is extensive so it may take you a while! Great pastrami, Reubens, burgers, latkes, knishes, cabbage rolls and on and on. Beer and wine served. The portions are huge so you may want to split with someone, or leftovers are good, too. There is a carry out deli and bakery, too. Great place

L. Jo 12, Eaton Rapids, MN. (Via TripAdvisor)

We came to this location for a weekday lunch, busy, busy, busy but the turnover is fast and we were seated without waiting to long. Coming from New York City, we miss good deli. We ordered the Mile High Pastrami Sandwich on rye with french fries and the Chopped Liver appetizers served with sliced onion and bagel chips. Both were excellent! Chompies is the best New York style deli in Arizona, hands down.

Mrs. K., Chandler, AZ (Via Yelp)

Solid NY style deli. Reminds me of Katz in Houston. Wish it was open 24 hours. As for the food, the Rueben was the best I've had and their fries are bomb. Black and white cookies are great and the rye bread even comes seedless.

Shawn D. Missouri City, TX (Via Yelp)

It's truly a unique experience. They give you a few kinds of pickle spears while you wait, portions are huge and everything on the menu is fantastic. I highly recommend the sliders. My wife, son and I get a single order of sliders (they come with 3) and a desert (how can you not with a bakery like theirs?) and its more than enough for us.

Lost Down South, Tucson, AZ (Via Trip Advisor)