Smoked Fish on our Restaurant Menu or Deli Case at Chompie'sSmoked Fish at Chompie's

Gen-S means sustainable, superior quality, selection, smoked-fresh, handcrafted and wood-smoked, wild caught selections, and omega-3 rich.

Enjoy a delicious variety of smoked fish selections from our dining menu as well as from our fresh deli case.

Smoked fish selections include nova or belly lox, smoked whitefish, smoked black cod, baked (kippered) salmon, marinated herring (wine or creamed) and whitefish salad.

Our Gen-S Smoked Fish Glossary

Nova Lox
Traditionally smoked Norwegian salmon with the perfect balance of flavors

Smoked Whitefish
Wood-fire smoked from the fresh waters of the Great Lakes

Smoked Black Cod (sablefish)
One of the most coveted smoked fish varieties worldwide. Chompie’s is wild and from Alaska.

Marinated Herring
Very tender and flavorful from the cold waters off Nova Scotia

Baked (kippered) Salmon
Woodfire smoked over a unique blend of hardwoods for an especially smoky flavor

Smoked Fish for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

In addition to the generous smoked fish selection in our deli case, you will find many special smoked fish entrees throughout our restaurant menu. Here’s a preview!