Chompie's Bagels for Resale

Award-winning authentic NY style boiled-then-baked bagels packaged for resale distribution

You’ll taste the difference with your first bite into a Chompie’s brand bagel. Only the finest, premium ingredients are used. You’ll love the outside texture, perfectly balanced by a chewy interior.

Other Chompie’s brand bakery products available:

  • Delicious low carb high protein breads
  • Old world hearth baked rye breads
  • Authentic challahs
For the health-conscious market segment, KCCP Distribution Company offers Chompie's brand sprouted bagels and low-carb high protein bread. For more specs on the resale of bread and challah, please submit an inquiry.

Bagel Resale Inquiry

If you are interested in reselling Chompie's Brand Products please call - or complete the form below and a KCCP Distribution Company representative will contact you in 1-2 Business Days.