Kids meal at a restaurant with pancakes in the shape of a mouse

With Soaring Food Costs, Kids Eat Free Sounds Pretty Good to Me

With the USDA estimating food cost increases at 6.5%-7.5%, the highest rise in year-over-year prices since 1981, it’s no wonder we are scrambling to find relief while shopping at the grocery store or dining at our favorite eatery. What’s even more alarming are the increases seen in beef, chicken, and other animal products. It’s been the perfect storm as to the why’s behind the increases aside from the pandemic-related swings of the market, these include the war in the Ukraine, unusual weather patterns, the avian flu, and enhanced safety measures for imported fruits and vegetables, just to name a few. So what can families do to alleviate the stresses of rising food costs?

How Can Anyone Afford to Eat Out Anymore?

As food costs continue to accelerate, how can a family enjoy eating out anymore? With summer upon us, figuring out what to put on the dinner table on top of balancing work schedules, camp schedules, daycare, you name it, might pose an additional challenge for the overworked and under-appreciated parents. On top of that, finding a restaurant that caters to small children can be quite the task. Parents want to enjoy a quality meal at a quality price all while sitting down with their family to catch up on the day. Unfortunately, with this state of inflation, being able to accomplish this has become harder than ever! So what can we do to help Arizona’s hungry families save money and still enjoy the pleasures of dining out? Go to Chompie’s, where kids eat FREE!

Kids Eat Free at Chompie’s! 

You heard that right! Kids eat free at Chompie’s all day Tuesday with the purchase of an adult entree. Whether it’s our delectable breakfast served all day long or our tasty lunch and dinner options, we have something to please even the pickiest of eaters. For breakfast, we offer our fluffy pancakes, grilled French toast, a cheesy scramble, and of course, what breakfast would be complete without our signature New York-style bagels. And for lunch and dinner, we have our delicious ¼ pound Kosher hot dog, a juicy cheeseburger cooked to perfection, creamy macaroni and cheese, crispy chicken fingers, and toasty grilled cheese all served with our signature fries or fruit salad. With 18 different options for the kiddos, eating at Chompie’s on Tuesdays is aimed to please!

Chompie’s is Serving New York Eats and Deli Favorites for the Whole Family! 

Since 1979, Chompie’s has been the restaurant of choice for Arizonians looking for an authentic menu that serves items like latkes, matzo ball soup, knishes, and so much more. Additionally, we are known for our New York-style menu serving classic deli items like bagels, mile-high sandwiches, and colossal Reubens. We are proud of our long history of service and look forward to creating experiences you will not forget. Visit one of our locations today and see how we are helping our fellow Arizonians with our Kids eat free special offer!