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What is Chompie’s Rewards? Find Out Why You Should Sign Up

We love our guests, and our restaurant rewards program is just one way we show it. At Chompie’s, we make our livelihood by bringing people together under one roof to enjoy each other’s company over a delicious and satisfying meal. 

It’s what we’ve been doing since 1979 — waking up each morning to fire up the kitchen and happily serve you and your loved ones. 

Giving Back Matters

Loyalty programs at eateries are becoming increasingly common as more restaurants embrace the idea of making a customer’s visit more rewarding through regular service incentives. What makes us different is the strong community roots we’ve developed and the many customers that have been tremendously loyal in supporting us for so long.

Although we are highly active in giving back to our community through ongoing charitable initiatives, we developed a free loyalty program that gives back to those already making the stop to Chompie’s for their breakfast, lunch, or dinner everyday. We have made it free and simple to set up and use as often as you visit. You can start collecting redeemable points through our loyalty program right away. 

Keep reading to find out more details of the many benefits we offer.

Chompie’s Loyalty Program

We decided to implement a rewards program as a way to give back and say ‘thank you’ for making Chompie’s your choice in where to eat! Chompie’s Rewards is a simple way for you to collect points and redeem them on something from the menu you’ve had your eye on lately. 

Here’s why you should sign up for free today!

  • Earn 1 point for every $2.00 you spend 
  • Get a $5.00 discount for every 100 points you redeem
  • Your reward points NEVER expire
  • It’s a great passive way to collect perks 
  • Your account is accessible by name or phone number
  • Signing up is free!
  • Redeem points anytime 

Our reward program makes it easy for us to stay connected with our guests and provide an added value to their dining experience. As a member of the Chompie’s Rewards Program, visits with us add up to redeemable rewards just the way it should be. 

A Growing Presence in Phoenix

Since making the Phoenix metro our home-sweet-home after relocating from New York over 35 years ago, we’ve gained quite the following. Our local presence has grown and flourished throughout all these years, establishing our restaurant as a local staple to the Phoenix community. Thanks to our beloved local residents, we’ve been able to open up several new Chompie’s locations throughout the city. 

We’re proud of our loyal customers and the many regulars that drop-in frequently at any of our city-wide locations. We are always happy when our first-time customers become loyal regulars. We’ve seen it happen countless times and we’re grateful for our customers who have stayed with us all these years.

Chompie’s Has it All

At Chompies, we serve up dishes that satisfy! It’s what we’ve been doing since 1979 and we’re proud to be the breakfast choice for countless hungry Arizonans. We are known for our New York style menu serving classic deli items like bagels, mile-high sandwiches, salads, and colossal Reubens. We are proud of our long history of Jewish-style dishes and all-American options and look forward to creating experiences you will not forget.

Visit one of our locations today to experience our many amazing dishes and drinks we offer. No matter if you need something gluten-free, kosher, or keto, we have something for everyone that won’t disappoint! Remember to sign up for rewards and get your discounts rolling in as soon as possible!