cheese blintzes

The History of the Blintz

It’s ok if you’re not an expert on Jewish food, that’s what we’re here for! We love talking about our amazing food and the interesting stories behind our traditional Jewish dishes. The “blintz” is no different. 

Let’s take a stroll down the road of history and explore in more detail what a blintz is exactly and how it developed into a beloved treasure of our cultural heritage today. Afterwards, you might just want to order a blintz the next time you’re at Chompie’s to truly appreciate this timeless traditional Jewish dish. 

What is a “Blintz”?

Let’s begin by understanding what a blintz is. If you had to compare a blintz to anything, you could say it shares similar characteristics with the French crepe. However, it is a distinct type of pancake-like batter that is not the same as a crepe. It has its own set of ingredients and taste, but similar to the appearance and texture of a thinly spread pancake. When cooked, blintzes are only heated on one side, unlike crepes. And they are slightly thicker than the crepe. 

However, similarly blintz are meant to be filled with any type of cheese or fruit of your liking. The batter spreads thinly and cooks quickly wrapping around your preferred sweet or savory fillings. A popular blintz filling includes apricot preserves and walnuts.

The Origin of the Blintz

The blintz originated from Eastern Europe from a Jewish community called Ashkenazi. The Slavic translation is “pancake” since it resembles a pancake. Traditional fillings include sweetened cheese with raisins. According to historical Jewish customs, blintzes are served as part of a celebration after fasting for 24 hours prior for Yom Kippur. Blintzes have survived through being passed down in Jewish households and cooked as regularly expected dishes during holidays and other large gatherings. 

Arriving in America

As Eastern Europeans migrated to the United States, so did the traditional home country recipes they brought with them. During the 1890’s, the Lower East Side of New York City experienced a boom of migrants from Eastern Europe, mostly of Ashkenazi descent. As Jewish delis and bakeries began opening soon after Jewish immigrants arrived in their new country, so did the blintz. The blintz grew in popularity and was adopted as a common dish by other Jewish groups. However, the blintz will always be traced back to the Ashkenazi Jewish people after settling in New York. 

If your mouth isn’t watering by now, you might need to read this blog again. Blintzes are the perfect light and satisfying dish that is perfect for breakfast or anytime you need a kosher fix. Perhaps you’ve never tried a blintz and are curious to experience the subtle yet distinct differences they offer compared to the French crepe. If so, you can find what you need at Chompie’s!

Enjoy Your Next Blintz at Chompie’s 

Chompie’s can serve up your next blintz and keep everyone happy and satisfied. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1979 and we’re proud to be the breakfast choice for countless hungry Arizonans. We are known for our New York style menu serving classic deli items like bagels, mile-high sandwiches, salads, and colossal Reubens. We are proud of our long history of Jewish kosher dishes and all-American options and look forward to creating experiences you will not forget.

Visit one of our locations today for a knockout breakfast plate or any other amazing dish or drink we offer. No matter if you want cheese filled or fruit blintz, we have something for everyone that won’t disappoint!