Chompie’s Cares: Why Supporting a Restaurant that Gives Back to the Community Matters

You’re faced with a choice of where to go for lunch, would you rather support a restaurant that gives back to the community or one that doesn’t? Sure, there may be other factors involved in choosing where to go; but if you had two great options and one invested your business into community non-profit organizations and the other didn’t, would it really be tough to decide?

Locally owned restaurants are personal to the community which they live and interact with every day. Unlike the leaders of most corporate restaurant chains, smaller, locally-owned restaurants are involved in the concerns of their community and solution-minded in their efforts to cultivate improvement.

Chompie’s Cares was Developed with You in Mind

If you are part of the community, you are part of the reason Chompie’s Cares was founded. 

Actions cause reactions and it is the same when an initiative is made to influence positive outcomes in the area we live. Oftentimes, living in an independent society, we tend to think of ourselves as more detached from the larger picture of community issues until we have a personal reason to get involved. 

However, Chompie’s has always been about family and especially since establishing themselves in the Phoenix metro area in 1979 . The community is simply an extension of their own family; including the values, love, care, and support they offer. It’s out of this approach to life and living it well that Chompie’s Cares was developed. 

Chompie’s Restaurant Community Involvement – What Does it Look Like?

Let’s bite into the details.

Here’s a rundown of what Chompie’s is doing to make a difference and how you can join in or simply spread the word. 

Annual Donations — Chompie’s Cares makes a dedicated effort every year to raise awareness and stir up community involvement. And so far — it’s working! Annual donations are made to a wide variety of non-profit organizations that total over $100,000. 

Hosting Fundraisers Chompie’s Cares Dining Event is a fundraising program that welcomes non-profit organizations to host events at Chompie’s and receive a percentage of funds back to their organization. Specifically, 15% is given back to the charitable organization from the orders placed at Chompie’s. It’s a great way to increase community involvement and receive funding to help with community needs.

Silent Auctions — Chompie’s is available for any non-profit organization requesting gift cards or certificates to be used in silent auction events.

Charitable Discounts — Under Chompie’s Cares, hundreds of thousands of bagels have been freely donated to supply the needs of charitable community events. Non-profit organizations are also welcome to request discounts on purchases of bagels or other bakery items for charitable purposes and events.

Supporting Local Restaurants is a Win-Win

Giving keeps your heart from growing cold. The reality is, that there’s always a need around you everywhere you look. And when we all take part in contributing to those needs, we are shifting our community out of areas of lack and disparity. Restaurants that give back and those who participate in the giving to the restaurants are creating a cycle that only loses momentum when people fail to get involved. It’s why Chompie’s is committed to raising awareness of their programs and motivating continual involvement from others. 

Getting lunch at Chompie’s may not feel like you’re saving the world, but your support is making a huge difference in the lives of others and in the long-term investment of community improvement. 

Chompie’s Is Your Community NY Style Deli Kitchen 

Since 1979, Chompie’s has been the restaurant of choice for Arizonians looking for New York Style food that serves items like bagels, mile-high sandwiches, salads, colossal Reubens, and a variety of desserts. 

We are proud of our long history of service and look forward to creating experiences you won’t forget. We are also proud of our dedication to community involvement and are happy to keep working hard with our growing list of non-profit organizations. 

V isit your favorite Chompie’s location to grab a bite to eat and make a difference.