Banquet room with sandwiches on a catering tray

3 Benefits of Hosting Your Party in a Chompie’s Banquet Room

If you’re looking for a convenient, spacious venue to host your party, why not consider Chompie’s? Each of our five locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, and Glendale, offer banquet rooms designed with your needs in mind.

As one of Arizona’s most popular New York-Style delis, Chompie’s offers an array of deli favorites. If you’re looking for a traditional deli meal, we’ve got your fix. Read our blog post below to learn more about the benefits of hosting your party in a private banquet room.

Banquet Rooms are Often Large and Spacious Enough for Large Parties

Probably the biggest reason why people look for these rooms is so there is enough space for guests to interact and socialize . Having a large enough room also allows you to get creative when it comes to decorating your party and making it more lively than you would at home. This can help make your party more personal, and if you’re hosting a corporate event, can reflect the values of the company.

You Can Customize Your Menu Options

At Chompie’s, we offer customizable menu options to ensure everyone at your party gets what they want. Additionally, we provide servers and bussers to make sure you don’t have to worry about serving the food or cleaning up. This will allow you to concentrate on other activities like mingling with your guests.

Impress Your Guests With High-Quality Decor

When you’re hosting a party, you also have to think about where your guests will be sitting. Don’t worry, Chompie’s banquet rooms are equipped with high-quality tables and chairs to ensure your guests are comfortable as they eat their meals and socialize with one another. Not just that, having good quality decor can make your guests feel valued and honored by your efforts to provide a comfortable atmosphere .

Reserve Your Banquet Room at Chompie’s!

Since 1979, Chompie’s has been the restaurant of choice for Arizonians looking for a New York Style food that serves items like bagels, mile-high sandwiches, salads, colossal Reubens, and a variety of desserts. We are proud of our long history of service and look forward to creating experiences you won’t forget. Contact us today to reserve your banquet room for your next party!