Event Room

Need a separate dining room or area for your party, event, banquet, or meeting? Reserve an event room inside one of Chompie’s locations. You’ll find a Chompie’s ”Party Room” to be the perfect event venue with just the right menu and service. Whether your group of friends or family wants to get down and party or your company needs to get down to business, Chompie’s will configure the room’s tables and chairs to suit the number of people in your party and your special dining event needs. And, Chompie’s servers will be waiting on your table(s) to cater to your party’s menu and beverage requests, so you can focus on and enjoy your event.

Talk to the manager at your nearby Chompie’s today to reserve a private or semi-private area and discuss how we can customize the room configuration and best serve your group’s menu needs. Note: semi-private only available at Tempe.