Spend Easter Brunch at Chompie’s!

As spring is now in full swing, Easter has arrived! The warm and happy holiday is a great time to spend with the entire family dying eggs, going on an Easter egg hunt, and eating lots of bunny shaped chocolate.

Spending time with family is great, but what happens when everyone gets hungry and has particular dietary needs or preferences? No one wants to spend the early hours of Sunday morning preparing brunch food for hungry kids and tired parents. Instead of stressing over the logistics of hosting an Easter brunch at your house, take the whole family down to your local Chompie’s Resturant!

Here at Chompie’s, we have a wide variety of brunch options that will satisfy the entire family, including all the kids. With our Keto Friendly, Gluten-Free-Friendly, and our CertiStar Allergy database, everyone’s dietary needs will be taken care of. Kids will love all the colorful and cute Easter pastries available in the bakery section. Stock up on these goodies before they’re gone!

Whether your family goes to church in the morning, has an easter egg hunt, or just likes to wear pastel colors, your neighborhood Chompie’s is the perfect place to hold the family Easter brunch.

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