Chompie's Kids and Singleton Moms Single Parent Cancer Help

Partner with Chompie’s and Singleton Moms to Help Single Parents with Cancer

Together, We Can Make a Difference

Providing support for cancer patients is one of Chompie’s dearest causes.

As a result, we have a beautiful friendship with Singleton Moms, a Valley-based non-profit dedicated to nurturing single parents battling cancer.

They also offer a child-focused program called Singleton Kids. This program provides emotional and developmental support to children along with events such as social outings, ‘Just for Me’ grants, birthday parties, and Singleton Santas.

What’s more, they recently extended programs and services to single-parent families facing pediatric cancer.

Singleton Moms Bare Necessities Drive

Bare Necessities - Singleton Moms - Chompie's - Help Single Parents Fight CancerOur partnership with you, the community, has channeled menu proceeds and essential goods to support these Super Moms and Super Dads since 2016.

Single moms and dads know that providing good child care means taking self-care seriously, too. It can be challenging to do this when cancer treatments eat away at an already busy schedule.

In addition, treatment and recovery effect a single parent’s ability to work or adequately maintain a household.

In 2017, all 5 Chompie’s locations hosted Bare Necessities Drives and donated several boxes of food and toiletries to Singleton Moms. These essential household items help reduce the financial burden of most-needed supplies and keep the home running smoothly.
A HUGE thank you to our Chompie’s customers who made this donation possible. Watch for your chance to participate in additional Bare Necessities Drives in the future.

More Ways to Help Single Parent Families Facing Cancer

Order from our Kids Menu

Bring your whole family to Chompie’s! A portion of proceeds from the Chompie’s kid’s menu goes toward providing help for cancer patients who are filling that double role in a child’s life.


If you have skill sets you would like to use in service of these parents and children, volunteer or apply for the Singleton Phonebook today. It provides active program participants with a network of resources and people who will perform services without charge.


Financial donations make it possible to move program applicants from the ‘waitlist’ to the ‘active list.’
Chompie's Cares about the Phoenix Community
Please stand with Chompie’s in supporting our single parents and their children, Valley-wide, in their fight against cancer.