Chompie’s on ABC 15


Recently, ABC 15 released an article that features how Chompie’s makes our traditional homemade butter cookies. They highlighted the fact that our cookies are baked like they were 40 years ago, handmade fresh every day. We have a variety of cookies made from recipes that originated from traditional New York bakeries.

There is a video in the article that showcases the baking process of our delicious butter cookies. The ingredients we use is butter, sugar, flour, eggs and heavy cream, and of course, no harsh chemicals. They take about 12-14 minutes to cook and some are even dipped in colorful sprinkles that vary with time of year and holidays.

The article talks about how our restaurant has been featured on Travel Channel's Man vs. Food and Food Network's Ginormous Food.

We are proud to serve Arizona with our New York cuisine for over 40 years. Stop by the nearest Chompies location to try one of our butter cookies!

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