Chompie’s Now Using CertiStar™

Chompie’s is proud to announce the CertiStar™ website is now available at all 5 of our locations! With the 15 million Americans that suffer from food allergies or intolerances, it can be challenging for them to eat at restaurants because they are unaware of the exact ingredients within each dish. Developed by an Arizona resident, the newly CertiStar™ site makes dining out easy and safe.

The way CertiStar™ works a customer with food allergies or intolerances picks from a list of the top 8 allergens or enters in one that is not listed. From there, our menu will show up in 3 different categories which include:

  • Red: Do not order
  • Yellow: Can be made with modifications
  • Green: All ingredients are free of allergen concerns

The cutting-edge site is easy to use with patent-pending smart technology to help customers and restaurants manage menus to accommodate individuals needs.

With our large menu, CertiStar™ makes dining-in at Chompie's stress-free for those who have food allergies or intolerances. It makes each dining experience more personal and relaxing to know exactly what you’re getting in your meal. Upon request, we provide a tablet with CertiStar™ for an easy to read customized menu. Check out the video segment from azfamily 3TV CBS 5 to see the app being used in our Scottsdale location!

Give everyone in your party ease of mind while eating out with the CertiStar™ web page. Stop by one of our 5 locations today to find out what the buzz is all about.