Chanukah Menu

Updated November 15, 2019

Enjoy Our Festive Chanukah Dinner at Your Home By the Pound, Pint, or Piece

Large Potato - 33.50 dz
(Served with 1 pt. applesauce per dozen)

Mini Potato - 18.99 dz
(Served with ½ pt. applesauce per dozen)


Chanukah Cookies Lg. - 2.25 ea

Mini Black & Whites (6 pack) - 6.99

Mini Blue & Whites (6 pack) - 6.99

Rugelach - 16.00 lb
Chocolate, Cinnamon, Raspberry, Apricot, Sugar-Free Raspberry

Chocolate Bobka - 9.99 ea

Apple Strudel - 9.99 ea

Cherry Cheese Strudel - 9.99 ea

Gluten-Free Friendly and Sugar-Free Desserts Available

Sliced Brisket of Beef w/Gravy - 9.50 ½lb.
(Homemade Brisket Gravy - 3.99 pt)

Turkey Breast - 8.50 ½lb.

Famous Matzo Ball Soup - 9.99 qt

Cocktail Challah Rolls - 4.99 dz

Half Roast Chicken w/ Stuffng - 8.99

Traditional Plain Challah Bread - 5.99

Raisin Challah Bread - 6.99

Authentic Jewish Rye Bread - 5.49

Fresh Bagels by the Dozen - 10.99

Fresh Baked Bagel Box with two ½lbs. of Cream Cheese - 15.99
(Great Idea for a Chanukah Gift)

Homemade Brisket Gravy - 3.99 pt

Applesauce - 5.99 pt

Sour Cream - 5.99 pt

Mashed Potatoes - 5.99 lb

Matzo Ball Soup

Choice of One (1) Entrée:
Tender sliced Beef Brisket with Gravy
Savory Roasted Chicken
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast with Challah Stuffing

Choice of Two (2) Sides:
Potato Latkes with Applesauce
Roasted Potatoes with Caramelized Onions
Homestyle Green Beans
Glazed Carrot Medley

Dinner Rolls

Lovey's Holiday Dessert
(Apple & Cherry Cheese Strudel)

Serves 8
24-hour notice please

By the Dozen
Two Dozen Minimum Per Selection

All Beef Franks in a Blanket - 14.99

Sweet & Sour Meatballs - 12.99

Mini Potato Knishes - 12.99

Mini Potato Pancakes - 18.99

Chicken Tenders - 18.99

Stuffed Mushrooms - 14.99
Chicken or Veggie

Mini Stuffed Cabbage - 20.99

Egg Rolls - 16.99

Deviled Eggs - 17.99

Thai Chicken - 19.99

Mini Quiche - 24.99
Florentine or Veggie

Mini Blintzes - 29.99
Fruit, Cheese or Potato

Triple-Layered Finger Sandwiches
Egg, Tuna, Chicken Salad, Cucumber and Cream Cheese - 34.99

New York's Finest - 12.99/person
Minimum 10
Arrangement of sandwiches built on our famous rye bread and deli rolls with your choice of gourmet deli meats & cheeses, cole slaw, and potato salad

The Chomp-Out - 12.99/person
Minimum 10
Your choice of four gourmet deli meats, three cheeses & two side salads. Served with our famous rye bread and cocktail deli rolls

White Albacore Tuna Salad - 49.99
Serves 12-15
Always made fresh to order. Served with bagel chips and gourmet crackers

Eenie Meenie Platter
Small (serves 10-12) 24 sandwiches - 121.99
Medium (serves 15-18) 36 sandwiches - 177.99
Larges (serves 20-24) 48 sandwiches - 233.99
Two types of over-stuffed cocktail deli rolls with combinations such as corned beef & swiss, turkey & muenster, ham & cheddar, roast beef & provolone, tuna salad, egg salad and chicken salad. Served with cole slaw and potato salad.

Grandma Sarah's Chopped Liver - 49.99
Serves 12-15
Outrageous and of course homemade! Served with bagel chips and gourmet crackers.

Grandma Sadie's "Killer Kugel" - 42.99
Serves 12-15
Noodle with raisins and cinnamon.

Grandma Sadie's "Killer Kugel" - 20.99/person
Minimum of 10
Fresh, sliced Nova lox (belly available) served with your choice of two cream cheese spreads: plain, chive, or veggie.
Also includes lettuce, tomato, capers, Greek olives, onion, and cucumber platter with assorted bagels and bialys.

Enjoy our wide variety of baked-from-scratch cakes, cookies, and mini pastries!

Gluten-free friendly desserts available

Call To Place Your Order Today!

Phoenix 602-710-2910
Scottsdale 480-860-0475
Tempe 480-557-0700
Chandler 480-398-3008
Glendale 623-344-3104

For festive gift trays and holiday party catering, call Chompie's Custom Catering at 480-348-CATR(2287)

**Please order whole turkeys and large dinner packages a minimum of 72 hours in advance of pick-up.

Dining In?

Special Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve Day - Dec. 24
6AM to 8PM (Tempe 6AM-3PM) (Arrowhead Mall 7AM -6PM)

Christmas Day - Dec. 25
7AM to 9PM (Tempe 3PM)

New Year's Eve Day - Dec. 31
6AM to 7PM (Tempe 6AM-3PM) (Arrowhead Mall 7AM -6PM)

New Year's Day - Jan. 1
7AM to 9PM

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Chompie's Chanukah Menu - Holiday Gift Card Special


These items may be served undercooked or raw: hamburgers, rare roast beef, eggs*, smoked fish, salmon. Consuming these items may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially with certain medical conditions.
*Due to the nature of restaurants and cross-contamination concerns, we are unable to guarantee all gluten-free friendly items are 100% gluten free.

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