Think you can conquer the 2020
Chompie’s “A Day at the Deli” Challenge?

All you need to do is finish a bowl Matzo Ball Soup, a bowl of coleslaw, 6 Mini Potato Pancake Sandwiches made with Pastrami and Swiss cheese, and 6 mini Black n’ White cookies. $40 - that is what stands between you and a spot among Chompie’s ranks. Finish the challenge in just 30 minutes to get your name and photo posted on our website, plus two Chompie’s 40th Anniversary travel mugs. Good luck and good eating!

Man v. Food

Cooking Channel’s Man v. Food show host Casey Webb came to Chompie’s Scottsdale location this year to beat the A Day at the Deli Challenge for the show’s eighth season.

As it turned out, he conquered the Challenge!

In the show’s “The Scottsdale, AZ” episode, which premiered on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, Casey devoured a 4-pound deli platter in under 30 minutes.